P.O. Box 4765,Whitefish, MT 59937 • (406) 250-5823

WHOLISTIC EQUINE CENTER  was created by Laura Faber-Morris and Shannon Haycox who had similar dreams and aspirations of helping horses by empowering their owners. It was created in 2009 by trainer, riding instructor and equine bodyworker Laura Faber-Morris and Shannon Haycox, equine bodyworker specializing in fascia, energy work and Healing Arts.


We are committed to create a training environment focused on self awareness, mutual respect and empowerment. Our simple, clear, goal driven approach allows students and their horses to realize these teachings.

By utilizing safe, practical, and gentle techniques, we provide tools that strengthen and balance minds and bodies of both horse and rider which enhances communication and develops deeper trust and stronger bonds.

The Whole Horse Holistically

Empowering Horse and Rider

WE OFFER  lessons for adults (groundwork, and riding), and bodywork (teaching and doing) at your barn.  We work with all disciplines from novice to advanced.

“Laura is a brilliant horse trainer and teacher of the art of riding.  Combining her extensive knowledge of Tellington TTouch® and Connected Riding® with her many years of experience, Laura offers rider innovative, safe and fun ways to hone their riding skills that will bring new confidence and joy to all  walks of life.”  – Linda Tellington-Jones