Laura Faber-Morris

Certified Connected Riding® Practitioner

TTEAM® and Masterson Method® Certified

Shannon Haycox
  Ranch Manager

  Certified in Equine Structural Integration


“Most instructors will teach horsemanship or equitation, but I have not met anyone who treats teaching riding the way I look at life….How Laura teaches relates to all that I do. So the question is does someone want to learn to ride or does someone want to learn how to have a relationship with a horse while riding?”Teri Balaska 

Laura Faber-Morris is our head instructor and is a certified Equine TTouch Practitioner Level 2 and Connected Riding® Practitioner with over twenty years of experience in teaching riding fundamentals that focuses on correct biomechanics of horse and rider. She has successfully worked with hundreds of different horses and riders in United States and Canada. Laura currently trains/assists with Connected Riding® founder, Peggy Cummings and renowned trainer and animal behaviorist, Linda Tellington-Jones and in Canada with Linda’s sister, Robyn Hood.  In addition to teaching, Laura uses an integrated approach to help trainers and horse owners understand and identify restrictions related to performance issues and uses Masterson Method® to release tension in restricted areas of the equine body. 

Laura grew up in the Chagrin Valley of Northeast Ohio, competing hunter/jumpers and managing a string of eight polo ponies in high school.  Upon graduation, she moved west to attend the University of Denver.  After graduating from college, she met her husband who hails from Whitefish, Montana, where they now reside and are raising their 12-1/2-year-old son.

Shannon Haycox is the assistant trainer, barn manager, and office manager who grew up with horses and then had a hiatus from it when she got married and raised three children. As soon as the opportunity arose, she returned to her passion, horses. When she and Laura opened the business, she took the responsibility of ensuring that the school horses got the best nutrition and care. This care also extends to Structural Integration bodywork that helps keep the horses' (both ours and those of clients) muscles in the best possible condition.