Your horse may not be the only one with postural imbalances. Understand how a riders' posture influences a horses balance, coordination and its ability to respond to requests and rider aids. Learn how to create your own self carriage, synchronicity and suppleness in your body that helps your horse's body.

Animals in the wild can and do self medicate on available wild herbs. With this in mind, we offer your horse an array of various herbs and see which one(s) he/she chooses that will best support their health. We will then either have those herbs available or can order them for you.

Structural Integration is a series of manual therapy sessions that works with the fascia that surrounds all the muscles in the body. By working with the fascia, it helps release the tensions in the muscles thereby allowing the horse to move more freely. This is done in a series of five sessions that last anywhere between an hour to an hour and a half.

Whether you have a performance horse or a trail horse, some of the benefits you will see and feel in the horse are suppleness, freedom of movement, better balance and better attitude.

​BEMER Session

Sound Therapy

Herbal and Essential Oil Therapies

These are methods used to identify tension, postural patterns, and compensations then release those tensions thereby optimizing the horse's overall health and performance

Sound therapy, using tuning forks, is very helpful for horses with emotional or pain issues

BEMER is used to increase circulation and cardiac function. Good functional circulation ensures proper supply of nutrients and oxygen as well as proper waste removal. This is fundamental for all metabolic processes.

Structural Integration

​Rider Awareness

The Leg Saver is a modality that uses micro currents on specific meridian points to help promote healing. It can be used for bowed tendons, poll and TMJ issues, sore shoulders, backs or hindquarters, sore stifles, hocks and knees, and much more.

Equi-Stim Leg Saver Session

Bodywork by Masterson Method, Connected Groundwork and TTouch

Prepurchase and/or Rehabilitation Evaluations

Prepurchase evaluations include assessing movement and physical fitness, and personality compatibility.

For horses needing rehab, you given a plan with exercises that will support fluid movement, balance, coordination, cooperation, strength and suppleness in your horse.

To schedule lessons or bodywork please text or call Laura at 270-0276, Shannon at 250-5823 or email us at

Adult lessons & Bodywork

​All done at your barn

Off-Site Lessons:  One person $90/90 minutes

Two or more people $75/90 minutes/person

For a one hour lesson $65/per person


$90 Initial Session*

$75 Subsequent Sessions and $20 for BEMER

$45 For a Partial Session and $20 for BEMER 

Leg Saver session

$50 One hr. sessions-some run longer and will be prorated

$20 BEMER session

*Initial sessions can take anywhere from 1 - 2 hours which gives the horse processing time

services offered



All payments must be paid in full at the time of service unless a prior arrangement has been made.  Credit card payments are now accepted with a 2% surcharge.

Cancellation Policy          
We will accept one cancellation with no loss of placement. However, 2 cancellations in a row will require payment of the second cancelled lesson in order to avoid loss of placement.