LAURA FABER-MORRIS has trained and is mentored by some of the best FEI bodyworkers in the industry. Laura’s specialty is performance issues in working horses.  She is a certified Masterson Method® practitioner and coach, and recently worked doing advanced integrated bodywork at the 2015 Winter Equestrian Festival in Wellington, Florida,
with mentor, Bill Stanton

SHANNON HAYCOX was certified under Joseph Freeman, the founder of Structural Integration on Horses. Shannon’s gentle, effective, and intuitive touch is an integral part of keeping our clients and our horses’ sound, happy, and functioning at their best.


The objective of Laura and Shannon’s integrated bodywork is to produce wellness in the horse and is not a replacement for veterinarian intervention and treatment. Always consult your veterinarian before choosing bodywork. 

Integrated Equine Bodywork modalities include:  Connected Groundwork®, Masterson Method®, TTouch®, Structural Integration, Acupressure, Cranial-Sacral, Young Living Essential Oils, Infratonic, Cold Laser, Myofascial Release, Tuning Forks (sound vibration), Color Lights (Lumalight), Bemer therapy, Equi-Stim Leg Saver therapy and Herbal supplements.

TTEAM® as Bodywork.  The behavior and character of a horse, as well as the willingness and ability to learn can be influenced by bodywork. We use and teach TTouch®.  We take the body and move it in a non-habitual way that creates new awareness, better balance, and cooperation.  It is the Touch That Teaches Trust.  

Connected Groundwork® – Bodywork in Motion.  Connected Groundwork® is like bodywork in motion because Its exercises teaches the horse a way to connect its body in a relaxed learning state. The horse is shown and supported in how to release tension from the jaw, poll, and neck, thereby lifting the base of the neck and engaging the hindquarters without the use of gadgets. This also allows them to attain a better weightbearing posture, learning to shift its weight on all four feet with each stride.  By using these exercises the horse often will hold its bodywork sessions for longer periods of time.

Masterson Method® results are visible and immediate. We use the horses’ incredible awareness and sensitivity to access a level of the horses’ nervous system that enables the horse to release deep stress in muscles, connective tissues and structure.

Structural Integration is bodywork that works on the horse physically and energetically to release restrictions in the fascia that surrounds the muscles thereby allowing the muscles to work more smoothly and efficiently. This in turn brings the horse into a more confident, comfortable, athletic willingness to learn and partner with their riders.

Equi-Stim Leg Saver's waveform polarizes the cellular membranes causing an ionic dissociation in the local fluids resulting in an increased transport of nutrients to and wastes from the cell. Some of the issues that can be resolved with the Leg Saver are ulcers, immune booster, tendon issues such as bowed tendons, shoulder soreness, open wounds, hunter's bump, poll/TMJ soreness, founder and other hoof problems and much more. As with any problem, be sure to see your vet first. We are always happy to work with your local vet to help your horse heal faster. Sessions are typically1 hour long at a cost of $50/hr. and many horses only require one session, depending on the problem.

Our bodywork sessions are geared towards improving performance and well being. We know that our equine partners not only feel better, but will perform better and behave better when issues in the body are addressed, whether acute or chronic or both. We are results oriented. If it doesn’t need fixing, then we believe in leaving it alone. For this reason, we have a price differential for bodywork services.

Standard Farm Visit:  $15 for all sessions

Type of Session:

  • Initial Session/Extended Session $75  
  • Standard Session $60    
  • Partial Session $45